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About GetAnOffer Express

GetAnOffer Express like to keep things simple. Don’t pay for expensive things you don’t need, choose a low rate that includes just the things you want. Simple.

We’re often asked “how can you sell a home for a fraction of the fee a High Street agent would charge?”

That’s simple too.

We don’t have a flashy office on every High Street or a fleet of branded Minis, we keep our costs lower and pass the saving on to you. But we’re not saying “High Street bad – Online good” – old fashioned estate agency can work really well for some properties. But we know that most people use a fraction of what is on offer but pay for it all anyway (that’s why the average High Street fee is £1000’s).

You wouldn’t go to a restaurant, order one meal and pay for everything on the menu, but that’s what you do when you sell with an old fashioned agent.

At GetAnOffer Express sellers just pay for what they need. Simple.

We’ve been selling homes since 2008 with many of our staff having over twenty years’ experience. We’re members of The Property Ombudsman redress scheme so you can have complete peace of mind that you’ll be dealing with professionals every step of the way.

GetAnOffer Express – the best way to sell your home.

Get your home seen by millions of buyers. 98% of all buyers look for their next home online. HERE ARE SOME OF THE SITES WE WILL ADVERTISE YOUR PROPERTY ON:

"GetAnOffer Express is the perfect solution for sellers who want a quality service from a real estate agent, without the hefty price tag."
Tom Cranenburgh
Partner @ getanoffer express